"As a child I thought if I could touch the sky I could touch the face of God. As a man I learned that all I had to do was touch my own heart"
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To Those Who Suffer ***


You who sit at the edge of the river of despair, who drink each day from it’s darkened waters; you are my teachers.  I have known a small measure of the pain that you endure, and railed against the Gods like a deranged fool.  There you sit with beauty, grace and dignity, thanking others for their kindness, freely offering your blessings, sharing your gratitude for the gifts you still count each day.


Be ever so gentle with your own true self. If my words were eagles they would seize your pain in their mighty talons and lift it away to a distant land. But all I can give you are my blessings; the love of one who knows that we are brothers and sisters born of the same Oneness. It is all I have to give.