"As a child I thought if I could touch the sky I could touch the face of God. As a man I learned that all I had to do was touch my own heart"
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The Coinage of Belief



One of the leading websites dealing with spirituality is called Beliefnet.com. I find the name of this website to be instructive because it assumes that beliefs lie at the core of the spiritual experience. This assumption seems to inform everyday life as well; if someone wants to know what “spiritual path” you are on they will commonly ask “what do you believe”?


I have been advised by my channelled teachers to hold as few beliefs as possible.   Their advice rings very true for me. 


As far back as I can remember, I came to the conclusion that the coinage of belief was cheap; that what many believed (and in some cases what they would die for) was largely the product of what they had been taught or conditioned to accept; not what they had actually experienced. Back in junior high school, it occured to me that the people who professed great certaintly in a particular religious belief, would probably be just as committed to a seemingly contradictory belief, had different parents mistakenly picked them up from the hospitial at birth. The devout Muslim might be telling folks that they had to accept Jesus into their heart to escape eternal damnation; the devout Jew might firmly believe that Mohammed was the Messenger of Allah; the Hindu might now be proclaiming that Catholicism was the one true religion. 


Contrast this, if you will, with what people tell us upon returning from near death experiences.   NDE’rs do not tell us that they “believe” that life continues after death, or that they “believe” that they encountered a Light of  indescribable love. They tell us that they know these things with the deepest knowing one can have. Research has shown that these experiences have a profound impact on NDE’rs; much more profound than any of the beliefs that they previously might have professed. This is because these experiences do not come from a mental/emotional level; but from a much deeper level; what many of us refer to as the soul.


I believe (there I go again) that we are moving from a belief-based spirituality to an experience-based spirituality and I am quite happy about this.


After all, I have never met an NDE’r who came back and said, “Thank God I’m a Presbyterian”!