"As a child I thought if I could touch the sky I could touch the face of God. As a man I learned that all I had to do was touch my own heart"
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I am currently making great strides in gaining perspective on the stories I tell myself. I can not emphasize enough how important this has been. For example, I had a somewhat odd dream a few hours ago. When I woke up I started to feel the beginnings of the old “chronic” cough and the need to clear the throat that comes with it.  My old story would have been: “Oh this damn reactive airway disease that “I have”. It is ruining my life. There is no way out”. (Quite a dramatic little story, actually). My new story was, “Ah, unconcious fear, coming through as a dream. This shows I am still working through some resistance to expressing my soul in the world.  No problem. I just accept and allow. All of this is a process which is resolving as I work with it”. 


I know in the past I have declared that I have mastered this medical issue, only to get knocked on my butt again. But as time goes on I am truly living more and more consciously; becoming aware of  WHAT I AM DOING TO CREATE WHATEVER REALITY I CHOOSE. Personally I had to drop most of the stories I was getting from the medical model because they were simply not doing me any good. I had to go inside and figure it out. I had to take the “charge” out of the symptom and just relax with it.  Fear and belief in chronicity often become self-fulfilling prophecies.


Now I am not suggesting that people should become afraid of their fear or their belief in chronicity…or that you should get down on yourself for the fact that you don’t like what you created.   Nobody is ever wagging their finger at you in this universe, telling you that you’ve done bad.   You are loved beyond your wildest dreams and your magnificence is honored. Release all the negative self-judgment; all the stories you tell yourself of how “bad” or “less than” you are. These are all just Tall Tales from the Trap. We all get into them from time to time. Start today and declare that you have no history.


Do whatever you can to cultivate hopefullness. Let that hopefullness enter the cells of your body. Lovingly accept how not doing this in the past may have created some challenges, then forgive yourself, and do whatever you can to allow joy to invade your being.