"As a child I thought if I could touch the sky I could touch the face of God. As a man I learned that all I had to do was touch my own heart"
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It’s fascinating. I can have the same symptom (some sporadic congestion) and I can have an amazing day, feeling very much in tune with the information which I have received from my channelled buddies, which I listen to on CD. This is what happened yesterday. I was bopping along, certain as my amorphous friends told me, that I was “basically healthy, despite what my body is sometimes trying to tell me”. When the symptom popped up I would instantly realize that it was simply a physical reaction to patterns of fear which I was releasing, I would remind myself that overall I was feeling better and better (which was the truth) ; I would assure myself that whatever discomfort I felt was a reminder to open up the central channel of my body; I intuitively knew that I was responsible for everything and that all was really well. Then this morning something triggered me and, with basically the same occasional symptom of congestion, I found myself thinking that I was on the road to total helplessness; that I had chronic COPD and would end up in a wheelchair on Oxygen, that I was the victim of an insidious condition that I had no control over, poor poor Ted, etc. etc. The hard truth is that nothing changed at all except one thing: my perception (in the form of the story that I embraced to “explain” what was happening).


Writing this post is helping me turn my story around. This is because it makes me lay everything out there where I can look at it.  All is well.   By writing this post I also get to share just how powerful the stories that we tell ourselves can be and perhaps I can assist someone else. How are your stories serving you? Do they reflect your deepest truth?