"As a child I thought if I could touch the sky I could touch the face of God. As a man I learned that all I had to do was touch my own heart"
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Stand, Breathe, Feel and Affirm ***


The great joy of spiritual growth is to realize that the limiting thoughts and emotions which masqueraded as your true self, and which for so long imprisoned you, are indeed just that; fleeting thoughts and emotions.  Your entire being breathes a momentous sigh of relief, as you witness the chains that bound you inexorably losing their charge.  With this release, the sacred energy of your essence is allowed to flow deeply into the spaces where once you were held in terror by your own thoughts.


You may rail against your limiting thoughts and emotions, you may declare war on them, you may curse and blame another, you may pretend these thoughts and emotions do not exist, you may beg for help from the forces of grace that attend you; but until you stand and breathe and feel, you will never be free. 


It is indeed the simplest of all practices-to stand and breathe and feel-yet it can be one of the most challenging when the illusion is strong.  And while you stand and breathe and feel, you affirm; you affirm that as you allow yourself to feel the terror, you are indeed something much much greater than this… you are a spark of magnificence, a perfect aspect of the Light of all Creation.


This simple practice-stand, breathe, feel and affirm-will help to set you free (even if at first your mind rebels against it).  Rest assured you will feel the same tired thoughts and emotions returning to ensnare you, but each time they come they will lose a little more of their power.  Very soon you will find yourself looking at them and thinking, “how could I have tricked myself with such ethereal thoughts and emotions, how could they have seemed so real?  How could I have allowed these clouds to block the glorious sunlight of my true being?”


Then you will begin to feel the great River of Life flowing through you-blessing you with the purity of your own essence-and your heart will come alive to the everlasting dance of Creation.