"As a child I thought if I could touch the sky I could touch the face of God. As a man I learned that all I had to do was touch my own heart"
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“So Far, Thank God” **



I recently had a bunch of things seemingly go “wrong” in the space of about two hours. I went to get my car inspected and found out I needed two new tires which I really hadn’t budgeted for.  Then I went to use a debit card at the supermarket and the machine refused to take the PIN number. This absolutely never happened before. Then I went to the bank and found out that the rent check had not been deposited for a week.  This had never happened before either as it always goes in the next day.


I mention all this because my mind immediately began to weave its web of cataclysmic tales (as I’m sure many of you can relate to).  ” The police will pick you up because your inspection sticker has expired or worse, you will have a blow out on the highway and get into a terrible accident”. “Someone has hacked into the debit card’s account, changed the PIN number and cleaned it out”. And then the topper, “The man who owns the lovely house we  live in is going to sell it and kick us out which is why my check was never deposited}.


Ah the human mind ! How can it be so effective at assessing amazingly complex situations and so terribly delusional at assessing others?  Have you finally reached the point where you can step back and observe the stories you tell yourself?  Without judgment, even with a sense of amusement; can you detach from the emotional “juice” and the misplaced, fear-based scenarios? I am finally reaching a point where I can do this, instead of being blown about like a leaf in the wind. My body has been helping me because it rebels now if I start to confuse the fear-driven ramblings of my mind with the wonderful reality of my Divine nature. Resting in Divinity I know that all will be well; that I have been through a thousand such “crises” and always emerged unscathed (as indeed these are being effortlessly resolved). 


My dear mother was a beautiful woman but a major worrier. One day I decided to “teach” her something. I said, “Ma, how many things have you worried about in the past year”. She thought for a moment and replied, “Maybe 500″. Then I said, “Of all those 500 things you worried about, how many of them actually happened”. She thought again for a moment and replied, “None of them”. Just when I thought I had zeroed in on my grand teaching moment, she added (without missing a beat), “So far, Thank God”.


I think I inherited the gene for imagining the absolute worse case scenario in every situation. The good news is that I have grown to the point where I can recognize at least many of these stories before they can cut me down. I think I am doing pretty well with this.


So far, Thank God.