"As a child I thought if I could touch the sky I could touch the face of God. As a man I learned that all I had to do was touch my own heart"
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Illness and Health



What is so sad to me is that the vast majority of people are convinced that illness is the “luck of the draw”; that it essentially arrives out of nowhere to attack for no good reason. Even those who understand the material connection between lifestyle, nutrition and health often believe that certain diseases or conditions are “caught” for no valid reason as opposed to “created”.   I believe, based on the deepest sense within my consciousness, that whatever dis-eases or “conditions” I encounter are physical manifestations of patterns of energy which were and are, to put it simply, not flowing freely. 



I am not wise enough to claim to speak for anybody else. I can only speak for myself.



We are wholistic beings, and by that I mean that the mental, physical, emotional, and energy levels are all interwoven and effect eachother. So when energy congeals there are “negative” emotions (often barely conscious), beliefs, and physical symptoms occurring all at the same moment. This, it seems to me, is one of the reasons it is often such a challenge to heal. We can say affirmations all day (and I firmly acknowledge the power of affirmations) but if that is all we do, we will be working primarily on the mental level only. We can dig deeper and stop nurturing those emotions that do not serve us by relaxing, letting go of our stories, and refocusing (all of which I highly recommend) but if we still believe that life is an endless struggle and the best we can hope for or the best we deserve is to manage our suffering, than this belief will work against all our best efforts. If we dedicate ourselves to the mental and emotional levels but decide that the physical can be neglected because “we are not our bodies”, we may well find that the demands our bodies place on us make it very difficult to deal with the other levels. And if we ignore the most important level of all, the Divine Energy which is what we are, by not grounding it or helping it consciously to flow; we undermine everything else.



Stand on the earth, consciously move your energy through your body, lovingly observe and let go of the stories that do not serve, cultivate opimistic and positive beliefs, honor your body with the foods that sustain it, dare to create what your soul cries out to create, surround yourself with people who are able to honor you, fill your mind with the works of those who truly inspire you. I have found that our prayers are answered when we dare to break through the illusions of our alleged limitations; just the tiniest crack is all the unseen helpers need, but we have to give them the opening. I dare not speak for you, but I wish to share that this is working for me.