"As a child I thought if I could touch the sky I could touch the face of God. As a man I learned that all I had to do was touch my own heart"
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“I Will Pray For You”


“I will pray for you”.


How many times have you heard this before?


Sometimes it is said in a perfunctory manner,  not because of any terrible insincerity on the part of the speaker, but simply because it is the only way out of an awkward situation.  Other times, the speaker may express a genuine desire, and may actually go home and say a prayer.  (I must confess I wonder how high the correlation actually is between those who make the statement and those who do the act).


By all means please do pray for me if you so desire.  I do, however, have one request.  Please do not incorporate into your prayer an image of me which is less than the magnificent being that I truly am.  You see, when you do this, when you project a vision of me that is less than whole, you help in some way to make this vision real. I am not saying that I am a helpless victim of your thoughts; however, your limited vision makes it a teeny bit more difficult for me to express the power and beauty that I truly am.  


If you doubt my thesis, consider how you feel when someone looks at you with pity, versus how you feel when someone looks at you with with genuine respect. 


Here’s my preference folks.  I would greatly prefer that you not visualize me in a desperate state, and then ask God to lift me out of my misery.  (I have created enough desperate states for myself, without having to have anybody add to them energetically).     Instead, I would ask that you use your ability as a creator to visualize me as the joyful, healthy, dynamic being that I truly am in essence.  If I am limping, see me running a marathon.  If I am in pain, visualize me dancing joyfully across the ballroom floor. If I am confused, picture me with clear eyes and perfect ease.  


Our thoughts do effect eachother.  (Especially since the “other” is actually the same energy as “us”).  Each time you think a limited thought about someone, you fire an energetic spray at them.  Some people know better than others how to let this spray pass through them. 


Your ego may resist when you choose to move beyond the familiarity of pity. There is a certain sense of security in the separation you feel when you feel sorry for someone (because thank God, it isn’t you)!  To see the person in their true glory, you have to encounter them for what they are, and this can be scary.  It means you have to actually believe in the Divinity which you pray to, and which is in all things. You have to affirm, despite what everything may look like, that all is well; that you are encountering a spark of Light, who deserves the deepest respect and admiration, regardless of what they are choosing to learn at the moment.