"As a child I thought if I could touch the sky I could touch the face of God. As a man I learned that all I had to do was touch my own heart"
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Healing (3)


People often ask me if a sick loved one can be healed. I don’t have the wisdom to know if a soul chooses to stay in the body, or if, having had quite enough of this world, it chooses to return to the great ocean of joy which awaits us.  It seems to me, however, that it is often the one who asks the question who needs healing; healing from the perceived terror of aloneness; healing from the ravaging fear that no one will ever care again, healing from the consuming fire that tells them that they cannot survive “on their own”; healing from the bottomless chasm of a seemingly unknowable future.


I do not know which ravages of the body will be healed, but I do know that there is a Divine Energy which, when aligned with, can heal the ravages of the mind.  Indeed, this energy is what we are.