"As a child I thought if I could touch the sky I could touch the face of God. As a man I learned that all I had to do was touch my own heart"
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I know what happiness is.  For me there is no mystery about it.  Happiness is the undistorted experience of my own being;  of that fundational energy I feel when I am not deluding myself with fear. It’s quite simple actually.  It has nothing to do with buying a BMW, building a big house, winning the lottery, finding the woman of my dreams, or getting a book published.  All these things might make me high; but that high is always  short-lived. When I feel the abiding connection to the energy of what I am; I feel like Noah of old whowe are told, “walked with God”.  
Walking with God , dancing with God , singing with God, playing with God, working with God, laughing with God (not as a being apart but as a the life force within); all of this flows when we experience the essence of our own being (and we don’t even need a concept of “God” to do so) :) . When I am feeling this Divine energy, you may find me grinning ear to ear while cleaning the toilet. When my sense of connection is obscured (by the ego traps that I set for myself); I could be on a tropical island, with all my needs being met, and still make myself miserable.
I am still learning how to consciously walk with Source every minute.  Yes, I know that I always do so because we are One, but knowing something intellectually is not the same as consistently experiencing it. 
I get caught up in the clouds sometimes.  They waft over me without my even realizing it.  Physical discomfort, emotional discomfort, sadness, fear, anger…they all obscure my experience of  All That Is  (if I let them).  I understand, however, that I wouldn’t know what the sun was, if it weren’t obscured from time to time.  As my channelled friends like to say, “the darkness suggests the light”. That’s just how it is here.  No sense compounding the problem by flagellating ourselves when we get caught up in the former.  
All of this, I believe, serves a purpose.   We come here and obscure what we truly are,  so that we can find what we truly are, and somehow this makes it real for us.  We come here to lovingly release the myriad obfuscations that we have invented and been taught since childhood..  As more and more people learn to do this, I believe we reach a state of “critical mass”.  I am no authority on critical mass, but I sense that it means that the global energy around the earth which we operate in will buoy us and sustain us more and more, instead of dragging us down.  I strongly sense, but cannot prove, that this is happening right now.  Heaven on earth is not a place but a consciousness.
And each one of us posesses the keys to the kingdom.