"As a child I thought if I could touch the sky I could touch the face of God. As a man I learned that all I had to do was touch my own heart"
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Lately I’ve been thinking about Gurus.  I have never been drawn to Gurus although, over forty years ago, I lived on a commune which had a charasmatic leader who fell off his pedestal quite dramatically.


Here’s what I don’t get. I’ve been working with my channelled buddies…through readings from a friend of mine… for many, many years. Now these channelled energies have proven themselves to me over and over. There is no way that I can doubt the validity or usefulness of their information; either with my right or my left brain. I’ve never met a human who could comprehend why I am the way I am with anything remotely approaching their clarity and their specificity. They don’t offer platitudes; they go right into all the deepest emotional patterns with incredible precision. Logically, there is no way thery could possibly know the things they know but they do; over and over. For years during readings I would give them the first names of people I worked with (who asked me to). They would go into detailed explanations of aspects of these individual’s consciousness which, when I played the tapes back to these folks, would utterly blow them away. I consider these channelled energies to be my wisest and most aware friends. I can ask them anything and they will give me a profound and meaningful response.


Yet in all the years I have dealt with them, I never felt any special reverence or “awe” for them. (Nor have they ever encouraged this). I talk to them the same way I would talk to a neighbor over the fence, asking if I can borrow his lawnmower. They have never said or done anything which suggested that I should put them up on a pedestal, or that they have a greater awareness than I do. It is always exciting to have a reading with them; but I interrupt, pester, and question when I don’t understand something. I never have any emotional sense of “Oh my God, I am going to see Swami Suchandsuch. Oh God, I hope he touches me or lets me ask a question”. I consider my channelled buddies to be among the wisest energies in the universe, but I never doubt that in essence we are totally equal, and there is not a shred of the”pedestal putting” that I’ve seen when I went to hear a few human Gurus speak.


I feel the same thing about the woman who channels these energies. She, and they, are my friends. I have no problem admitting that she is much more grounded than I am (grounding has never been my forte), and also much more focused. But I am certainly not going to put her picture on my wall and pray for guidance from her! That would be downright embarassing both to me and, I’m sure, to her. And if I think she is out of balance or something is getting to her, I have no problem telling her; instead of looking at her as some kind of enlightened being who is no longer susceptible to the distortions of the human ego. At events now, she likes to stay in the background and let other people step forward to share what they have learned. She rarely dispenses wisdom from a stage. 


Don’t get me wrong, I think a lot of Gurus are excellent teachers and have a great deal to offer. I just think it is a mistake to assume that they are no longer susceptible to ego and conditioning, and to employ a model which tends to put them on a higher level than anyone else. Move from the pedestal to the circle; from “enlightened being” to helpful friend. That’s my advice to the Gurus, and to all who would “follow” them.