"As a child I thought if I could touch the sky I could touch the face of God. As a man I learned that all I had to do was touch my own heart"
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Dealing With Fear***


Fear, the great imposter, uses the mind as its handmaiden. Fear provides the juice and the mind provides the justification. The deep deception is that letting go of fear means that what we are afraid of will manifest.


In reality, nothing is farther from the truth.


Suppose you are working in your garden, entranced by the beautiful Spring day, and you look down and find a deer tick on your sleeve. Thoughts of debilitating Lyme Disease rush into your consciousness and you immediately brush the tick away. Then a half hour later you find another deer tick on your other sleeve. This time you feel a sick sense of panic as you brush the tick away once more. You go back into the house and your fear-based ego moves into overdrive.


Your “logical” mind, fued by fear, begins to obsess about “solutions” to your dilemma. “Should I spray the yard? Oh I can’t put those toxic chemicals down. Is there anything natural I can use. Wait let me Google that. Oh that stuff isn’t powerful enough. What if I get Lyme Disease? What if I already have it? What if my house is infected? Do I need to use an insecticide bomb, Must I vacate for a few days?” I could go on and on. The mind provides an endless variety of issues to obsess about when fear offers its poisonous wellspring of fuel.


So here’s the trick. It is, in my opinion, absolutely crucial that we get this and, indeed, once we do, it is a cause for great rejoicing! Letting go of the fear does NOT mean that we are letting go of resolving the issue itself; it just means that we are letting go of the fear that has enveloped the issue, and which prevents us from seeing it clearly, and taking appropriate action if necessary. The great irony is that the fear which we are afraid to let go of (because our mind tells us that something disasterous will happen) is itself what is preventing us from seeing the “solution” which is trying to unfold in the moment. Another way to say this is that, when we let go of the fear (which has used our logical mind to justify itself); we return to the flow of life, the great river of energy which provides us with clarity and direction for our lives.


Sometimes what I do, when I have allowed fear to paralyze me and I can’t seem to let go of it, is to say to myself something like, “I know fear has me in its grip. I know this fear is an illusion and it is distorting the flow of life so I can’t see clearly. Therefore I choose to let this fear go for one day (or more if necessary). I do this to regain my perspective-to get back into the flow. In one or two days time i will reflect on the issue, with peace and clarity, and then take appropriate action if necessary”.


I know that even the step outlined above is not really necessary if you truly are living your life fearlessly. I know that all I really need to do is let go of the fear and surrender to the flow of life and the answers will always present themselves. But sometimes I use the little tool above (and I write it all down to make it more real for me). It can be very helpful. The important thing is to remember that you are NOT letting go of addressing the issue that needs addressing; you are letting go of the fear that is actually keeping you from addressing the issue that needs addressing! In my opinion, it is very, very helpful to be able to see through this deception which the fear-based part of your ego is trying to seduce you with.

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