"As a child I thought if I could touch the sky I could touch the face of God. As a man I learned that all I had to do was touch my own heart"
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Creating Our Own Reality


I see people “creating their own reality” all the time.. I see people, even friends of mine, who cling to the unshakeable belief that this is a hard nosed dog eat dog world, and that everyone is out to get something from them. Does it come as any surprise that they are constantly co-creating situations in their lives that serve to justify these beliefs?


I am not talking about people who are born into such horrific conditions that, in practical terms, the notion of “creating your own reality” rings hollow. I do believe in that principle, and I believe that all souls know what they are doing when they choose to embody, but it would be grossly insensitive for me to blithely talk about spiritual principles under these circumstances.


I am talking about people whose basic material needs are being met and who, it seems to me, hold themselves back by blaming their parents, the government, the super rich or even the human race in general. They blame everyone and everything possible outside of themselves and they don’t realize how these beliefs continue to imprison them and keep them from realizing their own power as aspects of All That Is.


I am not naive. I would be the first to admit that our socio-economic systems (all of them) are way out of balance. Powerful people, lost in their own egos, willingly separate themselves from and abuse others. These systems are still entrenched, but they are cracking under the strain.


There is however an energy available to us which will allow us to thrive and, to use a metaphor from the Old Testament, to “walk with God”. By raising our vibration, by acknowledging the patterns which no longer serve and letting this ever expansive energy flow through our bodies, we will not only thrive, but collectively we will create new systems that respect and nurture us all.