"As a child I thought if I could touch the sky I could touch the face of God. As a man I learned that all I had to do was touch my own heart"
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Today is the day in which I align all aspects of my life – my physical health, my emotions, my resources, my relationships, my creativity – with what I truly desire. What I truly desire is what brings me the deepest joy; it is no more complicated than that.


To facilitate this alignment, I do not use my mind as the driving force.  My mind will assume its proper role as a servant to the Divine Energy which is what I am, and which I now allow to create my life. When my mind is up to its tricks of distraction – when it teams up with its old friend fear to create a thousand doom and gloom scenarios – I will gently and lovingly remind it that I am the master. If my faithful body has manifested that which I do not desire  (from years of recording the drumbeat of  my limitations),  I will gently and lovingly remind it that those days are over, and that I am now moving in an entirely different direction. I will not expect it to heal decades of conditioning in a day (although this has happened).  I will gently and lovingly give it the space to heal itself, as its cells are programmed to do.


If  I doubt that any of this is possible, I will remind myself of to how deeply it has always resonated within my soul. You will also listen to the words of wise friends from Spirit, and of those messengers who have returned from beyond the veil.  In their unique ways, all speak of these principles.


I will reach out as well as go within. I will not despair. I will receive love with equal measure as you give it. I am magnificent.  I am holy.  I am Divine.