"As a child I thought if I could touch the sky I could touch the face of God. As a man I learned that all I had to do was touch my own heart"
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For those of us who are interested in attracting more abundance into our lives (and I assume that would include many of us), I recently had a wonderful reading with The Ones With No Names (channelled by Flo Aeveia Madgalena) that touched on this question.  TOWNN shared a very interesting point that I had never given much thought to, which I wish to share here.  Essentially, they said that the idea that we only attract resources into our lives as an exchange for a service or product offered, actually restricts the flow of resources which are potenitally available from the universe. If we think that resources, including money, only come to us as a quid pro quo when we sell a painting, a book, or a CD; we tend to limit what we can receive to that one form of exchange. (Such a belief is something that most of us were deeply conditioned into accepting). This actually tends to make it more difficult for the universe to weave its magic!


For example, let’s say we give a piece of jewelry we made to our cousin for her birthday.  She then wears it to a dinner party, at which time her boss falls totally in love with it, and then shows it to a friend who happens to own a string of boutiques and who decides to buy 500 pieces! (Well this is my example, but you get my drift). TOWNN strongly suggests that I sever any hold that the concept that resources only come as a direct exchange still has on me; and that I say the following affirmation (or something like it): All of my resources come from the endless abundance of the universe, and I open myself to the mystery of how I am going to receive them).


The vibration of being open to the flow, and willing to receive the mystery liberates us from the linitations of form imposed by our belief system. Wishing you all the abundance that you so richly deserve!