"As a child I thought if I could touch the sky I could touch the face of God. As a man I learned that all I had to do was touch my own heart"
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A Little Revelation About Dealing With Fear


Today while driving through Southern Vermont (OK, I got lost again), I had a “mini-revelation” which I would like to share. We all know that when we try to do battle with unwanted thoughts, we only end up magnifying them because, as the cliche goes, “what we resist persists”. We also know that it is best to relax, breathe deeply, observe, and allow these thoughts to pass through us.


What occurred to me today is that there is something else that we can do. In addition to acknowledging, observing and not resisting; we can consciously choose to wrap our true magnificence around our unwanted thoughts. By this I mean we can ask that we experience the thought or emotion from the perspective of who we really are, from the fullness of our being…and then allow this to unfold.


I tried this today when an old, deep fear kept cropping up. I said, “fine, I fully accept you…but I ask to experience you from the fullness of what I am”. Then I turned this into a little affirmation: “I choose to experience this emotion in the full balance of my being”. A sense of joy began to fill me as i drove by the beautiful ponds and lush green fields.


There was a “motion” to this practice.. I was no longer pushing anything away from myself. I was drawing my greater Divine self to me, and asking to experience the thoughts that frightened me from that perspective.


I believe I shall be doing a lot more of this!