"As a child I thought if I could touch the sky I could touch the face of God. As a man I learned that all I had to do was touch my own heart"
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A Different Path To Knowledge

How do we acquire knowledge?  Let us say we are given a piece of information from a source that we have great respect for.  For purposes of this discussion let us say that we are told, “There is no time.  Everything you perceive is happening at the same moment.  The human nervous system superimposes the concept of linear time on these perceptions because that is the way it operates in this dimension”.
Now suppose you are trying to gain a deeper awareness of this whole business of timelessness.  You really want to “get it”.  What do you do? Well most likely you will set to thinking about the concept.  You will try to analyze the notion with your mind, based on your past experience.  You may even have an “aha moment” where you actually feel the validity of the concept, rather than simply speculate about it.
In my experience there is another entirely different approach to gaining knowledge.  This approach receives almost no respect because most people haven’t experienced it. Nevertheless, I have found that it is the most dependable and fulfilling of all.  Quite simply, what I am referring to is acquiring knowledge by experiencing the underlying energy of your being, and gradually becoming aware that this underlying energy is who you are. As the ego-based thoughts and emotions which comprise your sense of “self” slowly yield to the vibrating river of energy which constitutes what you are; ideas that you once strained to figure out intellectually, now simply begin to make sense to you.  Their truth is experienced on a much deeper level than what you are used to.   You haven’t “figured anything out” by some intellectual process.  You have simply freed yourself from some of the illusions which captivated you, and you are beginning to experience clarity from aligning with the underlying energy of your being.
This is a difficult process to explain because we are so conditioned to think that, in order to know something, we must analyze it with our minds.  I am not criticizing this approach. I am simply saying that there is another approach which, I personally find much more rewarding.  If I want to “get” such concepts as “We are One”, “there is no judgment”, “everything is happening at once”, “I am a part of what we call God”; I do not spend a whole lot of time thinking about them.  I know that the validity of these concepts will gradually become known to me on a much deeper level as I learn to open to and to integrate the energy which is at the root of my being.
So, for me personally, if I really want to understand the concept that “there is no time”; I simply allow myself to grow into that understanding on an energetic level.  The best way that I can truly “get” this concept is to continue to accept and observe my ego-based thoughts and emotions, deepen my conscious connection to the underlying energy of my being, and live my life.  This path produces its own “aha moments”.  Knowledge creeps into the very cells of your being and you find yourself saying, “that’s obvious” about the things that once totally puzzled you.