"As a child I thought if I could touch the sky I could touch the face of God. As a man I learned that all I had to do was touch my own heart"
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Wisdom Cards


Welcome to Wisdom Cards!  These beautiful  5.47″  X  4.21″ cards are made of sturdy 115lb. premium stock with a high gloss finish.  Each card contains my original text surrounded by a stunning photograph.  They come with individual envelopes suitable for mailing.  They can also be used in a way similar to Angel Cards; turn them upside down and pick the one you feel most drawn to.  Then receive an inspiring message for your day! They are perfect for a small group exercise as well.


There are two ways you can purchase Wisdom Cards.  The first is as a standard deck of 15 assorted cards. Just click on the associated Pay Pal button.  You will get 15 individual cards and envelopes; one of each of the cards shown below.  


The second option is to customize your deck (at no extra charge).  Click on the option for “Custom Deck.”   After you complete your purchase, Pay Pal gives you a space to leave comments for the seller.  Please make sure that you give me instructions in this space as to which cards you want to buy, and how many of each.  You can get any combination of cards up to fifteen.  For display purposes, the cards are numbered below.  So you can say, “please send me fifteen of Card #1; or please send me three of Card # 2, five of card #6, and seven of card # 4.”   You have the option of picking any combination of cards you want as long as you buy 15 cards in total.


These cards also make very unique gifts!  Please consider buying more than one deck to send to friends.  They come wrapped with my special Wisdom Card label.


Thank you so much for supporting my work by purchasing Wisdom Cards!   If you don’t want to buy these cards at this time, or if you do and you also wish to make a donation to support my work,  please click on the donate button below.  If you have a question please visit my Home page and press the ‘Contact’ button (or send me a Message via Facebook).  

If you want to pay by check please make check payable to:  Ted Slipchinsky

                                                                                                                          115 Anderson Rd.

                                                                                                                          Chester, VT. 05143

Sorry, we cannot accept international checks.



Many blessings.   I would love to hear your comments below.



If you wish to make a much needed donation in any amount to support my work instead of or in addition to buying some Wisdom Cards, just click on the Donation button.  All donations, no matter how small will be appreciated!



         Standard Deck of 15 assorted cards with envelopes.  ($14.95 & S/H)

                                                    Domestic Buyers Only.  (Excluding Alaska and Hawaii)  

                                                    One of each of the cards shown below.

                                                    Note: If you want to buy more than one deck (after you log

                                                    into PayPal) you can put in whatever quantity you want and

                                                    click the update button.  PayPal will automatically calculate

                                                    the total price with shipping.




          Custom Deck of 15 cards and envelopes selected by you!  ($14.95 & S/H)
                                                     Domestic Buyers Only.  (Excluding Alaska and Hawaii)    Important:

                                                     After you finish your PayPal purchase please indicate in the space which

                                                     PayPal provides for comments to the seller, the number associated with each

                                                     card you want, and the quantity.  (Eg., you can say “I want fifteen of card #7;

                                                     or (“I want five of card #6,  three of card #8, and seven of card #11).  Make

                                                     sure your total is for 15 cards.

       Standard Deck of 15 assorted cards and envelopes  OR Custom Deck of

                                                  fifteen assorted cards and envelopes picked by you!


                                                  INTERNATIONAL BUYERS ONLY (including Hawaii and Alaska) ($14.95 & S/H)


                                                   Note: International Buyers who want  to buy more than

                                                   one deck should email me at slipteddy@vermontel.net    

                                                   to obtain a shipping quote.  (Don’t use the calculator on the

                                                   PayPal page if you want more than one set).   If you wish to buy

                                                   a Custom Set please email or Message me and tell me which cards

                                                  you want and how many of each card (up to fifteen cards).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Please click on a card to enlarge it.  (The hands, tan background and numbers are just for display) :)








Our Thougths 128

Peace 224 

Now is the time 9


 My God 405


 Love is Not 13Let your soul shine screen 14