"As a child I thought if I could touch the sky I could touch the face of God. As a man I learned that all I had to do was touch my own heart"
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SamsungAround 20 years ago I had what best can be described as a Kundalini-like experience.  Although the vibrating, pulsating energy that awakened in me back then has become somewhat less intense, it has never completely shut off.  This was not an event which I had for an hour or a day. Nor was it something which only occured during meditation.  


The accelerated energy has stayed with me for almost two decades, and is with me every waking and sleeping hour of my life.   Because this energy resonates with positive human feelings, it constantly pushes me to align my thoughts and emotions with these states.  I achieve this when I accept and then let go of “negative” reactions, (especially fear) and when I consciously choose to put my focus on love, respect, compassion, creativity and service.  When I don’t do this I makes myself miserable.


What truly excites me about this energy is its capacity to transform consciousness.  Let’s say you have an overbearing boss who treats you in ways that trigger conditioned negative reactions.  Normally you might get down on yourself, be passive aggressive, fall into judgment, or become enraged.  Most people are not conscious of an experiential frame of reference; a background energy stream within your consciousness which “pushes up against” your learned reactions.  With this accelerated energy pouring through you however, you carry that frame of reference every minute of your life.  You still have free will.  You can engage in the negative reactions that you normally would, or you could respond in a way which resonates with the accelerated energy.  You suddenly find, however,  that if you try to fall into your old reactions, you are swimming upstream; fighting against the Wave of your own essence.  If you engage with love, self-responsibility, courage and honesty; you find that you are feeling higher and higher, because you are swimming with the wave.  Over time, the accelerated energy, which is what you truly are, “remakes” your consciousness.


It is not always easy.  I still struggle with the process.  Some of the conditioned responses are barely conscious and quite deep.  I find there is also a need to open up one’s body, especially the central channel, to allow this energy to flow unfettered. This has never been my forte.  I realize now however, that this energy – which felt like it was invading my being twenty years ago –  is blessing  me with who I truly am.